About the Student Union

Who are we?

“Oaklands Students’ Union (OSU) are a group of students who represent all students at Oaklands College. OSU works with the college management to provide students’ views and ideas on all aspects of their experience to help improve teaching and learning, facilities and services”

Oaklands College is committed to ensuring students are at the heart of everything we do. OSU members work together with class reps to represent all students to help get the student voice heard.

All students can be part of the OSU team but the President and Vice President of each campus are elected by their peers. Students can be a general member or choose a specific role (see below) to be part of the executive team.

What do OSU members do?

  • Attend regular team meetings (snacks provided!)
  • Join in on social events
  • Suggest and contribute to campaign activities
  • Attend the “Student Voice  Day” for useful training and a chance to give feedback as a group
  • Attend “Voting Days” to vote on potential change and new ideas at Oaklands
  • Attend focus groups with senior management staff to give feedback on facilities, IT, LRC, Student Advice, Enrichment
  • Give suggestions to the College
  • Suggest new ideas, trips and activities
  • Run events and activities that you want


  • You can help with open days and get paid
  • Being part of the OSU looks great on your CV or UCAS application
  • You will gain new skills and meet new people!
  • How to join the OSU 

  • To join the OSU- or for more info about the OSU contact Isabel Jimenez – isabel.jimenez@oaklands.ac.uk

Keep an eye our for student union updates by following @oaklandscollege on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some pictures of activities that the OSU took part in which include:

- BHM Showcase


- Animal therapy 

- Complementary therapy

- Meditation