The Active 8 Wellbeing Centre

In association with Touchstone Active, The state of the art Active 8 Wellbeing Centre at WGC Campus opened in early 2019. Our FitQuest machine can give you the facts on:

BODY COMPOSITION - Your facts about your body in just 30 seconds!

1. Take your shoes and socks off, grab the handles lightly and hold for 30 seconds to reveal some empowering facts about the current status of your body.

2. Understand your body, like you never have before. Your fat and muscle percentage, the water that resides in and out of your cells, your muscle balance and metabolic age. Having this information is the first step to making the changes you desire or maintaining a healthy routine.

3. You’ve got the facts to hand. Now, it’s up to you to set your priorities. Just three of them. Do you want to lose weight, build muscle, tone physique? or increase fitness, energy and stamina. Maybe you want to socialise with confidence or just live longer. It can all be achieved with your personal goal setting and our support.

5 MINUTE FITNESS TEST - Taking charge of your physical health!

Know where you stand! 

  • Balance
  • Jump
  • Press Up
  • Speed and Recovery

These 5 tests reveal all you need to know about your current level of fitness and how you measure up against people of your age. From upper and lower body strength and

endurance to speed and cardiovascular recovery. The tests give you a benchmark from which, with our support you can improve on, no

matter what your level of fitness is.

10 simple steps to sustainable wellbeing at the Active 8 Wellbeing Centre... 

Step 1: Explore The Wellness Centre

Gain a full understanding of how you and your friends can benefit from attending the Wellness Centre.

Step 2: Register Your Interest

Provide us with your name and email address so we can register you on the system

Step 3: Complete The Par-Q Questionnaire

You will be sent the questionnaire by email or on your exploration visit to the Wellness Centre

Step 4: Book your Discovery Induction

Make an appointment to get your full body information.

Step 5: Conduct Your First Discovery

Take the short but informative tests and get to have a better understanding of your body and how to maintain it.

Step 6: Set Your Personal Goals

Set the goals that matter to you most and enjoy our support in helping you to meet them.

Step 7: Agree Your Programme

Agree the type and duration of programme you wish to take. Anywhere between 30-90 days is recommended.

Step 8: Download the Touchstone Active App

Daily workouts, monitor progress, access your body data and communicate with your mentor, all in one place

Step 9: Follow-up Discovery After 30 Days

Comeback for another Discovery and see how you’re doing.

Step 10: Keep it going...

Being healthy is for life. you, your family and friends will all notice the positive difference.